Journalists about us

Time runs, we keep on visiting different fairs and shows, as a result more and more media people and journalists notice our work and find it deserving their attention and mentioning it in their magazines and internet sites. Please read below some articles and mentions of us in media made this autumn. Most of pictures are clickable and will lead you to original article. Use of Google Translate is necessary in some cases:)

Elle about Mekoome2
Journalists of ELLE Japan have appreciated our work and wrote a little posting about us in the magazine! (in Japanese) – photo is clickable.

Eesti naine mekoome
Our knits were featured in Estonian magazine “Eesti naine” October issue!

Casa brutus mekoome 1
Flashback to the Design Street in Noblessner shipyard. We are happy to get attention from leading Japanese journalists. Thank you, Casa Brutus, for kind words about Mekoome! (in Japanese) – photo is clickable.

jana mekoome
Local Estonian magazine JANA wrote about us several kind words (in Russian) – photo is clickable.

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