“Me koome” means “we knit” in Estonian

In 2016 Larisa Kondina, an architect by training, decided to create a brand of knitted clothes. It was based on her hobby for hand knitting and the digital design skills she acquired while studying architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Mekoome is a lifestile brand

We create high-quality and durable sustainable products, with thoughtful design, according to the principle of waste-free production.

A limited number of manufactured products and an individual approach to customers allow us to keep product quality under control. We carry out the entire process ourselves in our studio – from design to knitting of finished products, what makes us highly flexible to customer needs.

Waste-free production is our principle based on the rational use of resources and respect for the world around us. We do not cut out parts from knitted fabric, throwing out the scraps. Each piece is knitted-to-shape, and only small yarn ends  3-4 cm long remain as waste.
Our knits are sustainable, soft and pleasant to the body, as we carefully select the yarn from the best italian producers . Even after several years of active use, they will retain their shape and will not lose their appearance.

Mekoome studio is an atelier, workshop and showroom space. Here the look of the knitting machine and shelves stocked up with colorful yarn cones inspires us and excites our visitors. We are proud to show our customers the whole process of creating knits, from designing garment and pattern in the computer to choosing the proper yarn and knitting a ready piece.

Here you can try on and buy our products, compare sizes and different yarn qualities, find special offers or place your custom order.

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Address: Erika 14 – B209, Arsenal shopping center, Tallinn, Estonia
Open: Mo-Fr 10.00-16.00 (visit time need to be negotiated ether by phone or by e-mail, Facebook)
Phone: (+372) 53 73 66 98

In Mekoome we pay great attention to the choice of material for our products, giving preference to Italian manufacturers. Natural yarns we use:

1) Cashmere 10%, merino 90%
The products made of this completely natural composition are very warm, soft and longwearing. They will not stretch away and lose shape over time. Knitwear with cashmere we recommend to wash by hand to avoid shrinkage.

2) Alpaca 30%, merino 35%, polyacryl 35%
Knitwear made of this wool blend is lightweight, very soft and warm. You can wear it directly against skin. It will not irritate even sensitive or baby skin, holds its shape well, does not roll up and is washable in washing machine at low temperatures.

3) Cotton and cotton blends
Jumpers and beanies made of cotton and cotton blends feel good and soft against skin. Cotton is natural organic fiber, that lets moisture and heat pass through freely, maintaining comfort and wellbeing. Products made of this yarns are resistant and are machine washable.

Types of cotton yarns we use have three grades:
70% cotton, 30% linen – the lightest, suitable for summer
100% – light, suitable for spring and summer
80% cotton, 20% merino – light and warm, suitable to wear all year long

When choosing a product in the MeKoome online store, pay attention to the material composition indicated in the description to get a knitted product with the most suitable properties for you.


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The Founder

“I apply digital design skills and principles used in architectural design to create knitted garments.”

Larissa Kondina

The Founder

“I apply digital design skills and principles used in architectural design to create knitted garments.”

Larissa Kondina

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