Mekoome is slow fashion brand. This means, among other things, that we usually do not manufacture our products in large quantities to fill the warehouse. In our work, we try to avoid an overabundance of manufactured items, as is often the case in mass production. This concept allows us to be more flexible in our work and to offer our customers wide choise of possible customisations to personalize our products according to their needs:

personalizing wide min


According to ypur request we can personally resize, change pattern, color combination or neck type for any available model. We can even reproduct any of a product from past, discontinued collections (subject to yarns’ availability). You can find some of those products here).

Special item wide min


Please let us know if you searching for some special knitted items like: child sweaters, cardigans, dresses, pants, mittens and so on. We can make them all. It so cute to order soft and warm little sweater for your child in the same color combination like your own!

Look at those pictures of our item samples for inspiration!
custom cardigan2 min
custom cardigan min
custom mittens min
custom family min
create the pattern wide min


We are specializing on creating digital patterns and, of course, we can create one especially for you. Just show us your inspiration or reference pictureand we will create a pattern, help to choose color combination and adopt the garment according to your needs.

Check the photos of custom patterns we created for our customers!
pattern zigzag min
patter fly min
pattern sport min
pattern bike min
pattern rural min