Warmth is basic need. It is essential. It is main condition for life to exist.

Alive creatures are starving for warmth as much as for food or sleep. Warmth and light provide comfort and safety.

People of northern territories know it well. In the conditions of long, dark and cold winter, constant search for warmth is a matter of surviving.

We are harvesting the results of evolution. Northern cities are convenient, homes are resistant, clothes are warm. We can fulfill the need of warmth physically. But in this comfortable snow-covered cities, we are still pursuiting of warmth coming from another human being. From another heart.

As much as we need cozy shelter for our body, we do need shelter for our soul. No matter of our age, gender, beliefs, social status.

The smile, the hug, the kiss, the touch keep human safe and comfortable. Mother and son, sister and brother, lovers, friends – there is endlessely many forms of intimacy. But if there is at least one person who provides the shelter for your soul, you will stay warm until spring.

Mekoome Black White 41 min
Mekoome Black White 5 min
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Photographs by Iris Kivisalu

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Sweaters of the collection „Knitted Cityscapes – Black&White Edition“ are knitted from cashmere-merino wool blend. The knits are soft and warm as the hug of the beloved one. Geometric pixel pattern of each sweater describes particular urban-planning typology. Unisex knits are suitable for both men and women.

All garments are designed and handmade in Estonia.