Mekoome knitwear is made of top-quality natural yarns produced in Europe and Japan. Our woolen and cotton-linen garments are longwearing and easy to take care of.
To extend the life of your favorite Mekoome knit, please follow the instruction below.

  • read the particular care instruction on the label
  • wash the knitwear by hand or at the special hand-wash mode in the machine
  • always wash knitwear over low temperature of max. 30C
  • always spin the knitwear over the low centrifuge rotation of max 800
  • use proper washing detergent for wool and cotton 
  • dry the knitwear flat on the rack or on the floor with underlayed towel
  • do not iron the woolen knitwear

High temperature and high centrifuge rotation can cause a remarkable shrinkage of the garment!

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