Horizon – summer 2020

Horizon – summer 2020

Did you ever think that as an urban dwellers we barely can see a horizon line?

The horizon line is keeping us balanced and stable. It is a constant, an ancor of our perception of space, a line of support for our orientation in space. It is always on the same level with human eyes. Even when  starting a sketch we first mark a horizontal, to where all the other perspective lines reach to.

In the urban environment the world is shrinked. The horizon is blocked by the bulky volumes of buildings. Eyes are tripping over the vertical lines never reaching the horizon. In winter city protects us, but in summer it rather makes us disoriented and willing to escape.

Probably that is why people hold out for the sea and valley. The main joy is the huge open and endless expanse, where your eyes don`t have any obstacle in front and you feel stable on the ground.

photography Mekoome
style Larissa Kondina
knitwear provided by Mekoome
location Countryside, Estonia