Warm and soft Christmas gifts for Flores Aed workers

Flores Aed is one of the biggest companies dealing with plants growing in Estonia. It was very pleasant to get this order because it shows, that even in hard, pandemic times company management still finds a way to entertain team. This is very important thing in team building, it motivates people and gives them a senыe of confidence and belonging.

The order was to create pattern and color combination and agter that to knit 30 sweaters in different sizes. We had 3 weeks for that and terms were very strict, because it supposed to be a Christmas gift. It was the first snowy and cold Christmas in many years that year and our warm and soft knits were the best gifts you can dream up.

As a thought-starter our chief designer took Flores logo and made several variations for customer to choose from.

After discussing with customer, one of the designes was approved and work was boiling. in 3 weeks everything was done and customer received his order right before Christmas party.