Custom made sweaters for retiring flight dispatchers

One of the most interesting and sentimental orders we ever had! Once in May 2020 we received order to design and knit several special sweaters for flight dispathers leaving their workplace. That was a bit sad to hear — seemed like one more company have gived up in economic crisis caused by COVID. But the customer had additional query — every sweater should have personalised tag with owner’s name and term of employment in days. Once we received data to be written on those tags evertything became clear.

Just have a look at some of those tags:

Can you imagine that??? 19416 and 18275 days! 53 and 50 YEARS of employment in the company! They started serving our sky about 22 years before Estonia have become independent, about 10 years before new arport building of Tallinn have been constructed and only about ten years after Gagarin have flown to Space. So, that wasn’t just anti-crisis staff-cut, that was a retirement of honoured veteran workers and we were really happy to pay respects to them with our sweaters.

Some sketches:

And ready products: