Mekoome is slow fashion brand. We are conscious about waste elimination while clothing production. Many of our designs we knit in limited number or in a single garment according to the customer`s request. That helps to avoid overproduction of clothing, and accordingly to reduce environmental impact on our planet.

On this page, we present widest range of our limited edition woolen alpaca-merino sweaters. You will find here unique patterns as well as backorder out-of-stock items. In case you wish to order an absolutely special sweater designed for you, please visit our Custom made page.

You can order our limited edition knitwear piece by filling up the form below and sending us a request with the code and the size of chosen sweater from catalogue. After that, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the prepayment invoice included, whichwe expect you to pay during next 24 hours. If the invoice won`t be paid in time, we will cancel the order.