Mekoome on D_O_M, 2020

Few people know what is happening behind the scenes of fashion shows – let’s open the curtain a little: dozens of people involved, days of preparations, make-up and hairstyles for models, set design, lighting, music, photo and video accompaniment, interviews and preparation of press releases, pizza and sushi for participants ! Sometimes it seems that everything that happens is chaos, but this is only at first glance.

10 minutes of fame! Mekoome’s sweaters are in focus, the models are in place, the audience is in anticipation, and even if the Jedi swords in the models’ hands do not light up in time, no one will understand that it was a mistake – everyone will decide that it was intended. As with the Olympic rings at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Models + Mekoome products + Põhjala factory interior + some free time = great opportunity for a small backstage photo session. Suddenly we were locked behind a large blue metal door and had to use THE FORCE of a Jedy:)

A short report on the show from the ETV + channel (in Russian) – about us starting from the mark 1:39

Special thanks to all participants and assistants!


Janno Nõu
Kairi Kuuskor
Johanna Kallas
Elisabet Kirch
Alizee-Milene Peets
Jaanika Stets
Pasha Sidorenko
Mari Hunt
Maria Sidorenko
Viktoria Skrõnnik
Katrin Veegen
Katerina Veerde
Birgit Mones
Tiziana Galea Schembri
Filipp Shubin
Mariann Lukka


Kadri Vahar

Photos by:

Kevin Loigu, Juhan Riistop, Ester Karm, Laura Palling, Elina Emilie Leht, Kaie Kiil, MorroW Shoots